Air Conditioning Filter Service

Keep Your System Running Well with a Clean Filter

A filter is responsible for keeping your air clean and safe to breathe. Provided that your filter is not a special order, Guardian Home Services is glad to provide you with a replacement filter while we service your ducts. Air filters should be regularly replaced through the hot seasons when you are frequently running your air conditioner. Request a quote for your residential duct cleaning project by calling (972) 578-2244 today.

Changing Your Air Filter

Filters should be changed even more frequently if:

  • There is a smoker in your household
  • You have one or more furry pets
  • You have a history of indoor allergies
  • Someone in your household has asthma

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Emergency Service & Same Day Service Available

Why Replace Your Filter?

A filter is responsible for removing airborne debris while your air conditioner is running. When the filter builds up a heavier amount of debris, it slows air flow. This makes your entire system run slower. It also requires more energy to keep the air moving, resulting in even higher utility bills while the air conditioning operates.

You can check your filter yourself to see if it needs to be replaced, or ask our team to look at it while we're cleaning your air ducts. A clean filter should be clear of dust and debris. A dirty filter often has a layer of soot and debris across the screen. Simply vacuuming out the filter will not solve your debris problem, as the dust gets trapped in the fabric of the filter itself. Our HVAC professionals keep standard sized filters in our truck for your convenience, so we can easily swap out your old one while we are cleaning your ducts.

Find out more about all of our services, from filter replacements to mold treatments to complete air duct replacement, by contacting our team at (972) 578-2244. We proudly service residential clients in Frisco, Garland, Plano, and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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