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Are you interested in outfitting your home with the comforts of cooling and heating? Or perhaps your current system is not performing optimally. No matter the case, our Dallas HVAC professionals stand ready to help you. We offer expertly installed HVAC systems as well as yearlong maintenance subscriptions to ensure your unit is performing as it should and lasting longer as a result. In addition, we can repair all forms of HVAC damages, including cleaning, replacements, and other miscellaneous repairs as necessary.

Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals will ensure that your system is working perfectly because we want to ensure our customers have the comforts of home they desire. This is why our customers benefit from yearlong service packages available to all those who call. We offer four different maintenance packages available at a monthly rate. This will ensure that your HVAC operates cleanly, safely, and optimally so that you are not stuck in a situation without the comforts you need.

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Complete Residential HVAC System Maintenance

Basic Plan

  • 2 seasonal 30-point tune ups
  • 5% off all future services/repairs, not including service fee

Advanced Plan

  • 2 seasonal 30-point tune ups
  • 5% off all future services/repairs, not including service fee
  • Discounted service fee of 59.00
  • Priority 24/7 service

Premium Plan

  • 2 seasonal 30-point tune ups, including up to one pound of refrigerant
  • 5% off all future services/repairs, not including service fee
  • No service fee
  • Priority 24/7 service

*All Service Plans require a one-year service agreement. A one-time $250.00 early cancellation fee will be applied if canceled prematurely*

Tune Up Checklist

  • 30 point visual inspection
  • Clean evaporator coil (with brush to remove dust/debris when accessible)
  • Blow out drain lines with high pressure nitrogen
  • Check duct work, coil box, plenums, and furnace or fan-coil doors for air leaks
  • Clean out secondary drain pan
  • Check emergency drain float switch
  • Clean heat exchanger tubes or heat strips
  • Clean debris off and around indoor HVAC unit
  • Check all major operating components at furnace/fan-coil (indoor unit)
  • Take amperage readings at furnace/fan-coil (indoor unit)
  • Check temperature limit switches (heating and cooling limits)
  • Check thermostat functions and program settings
  • Clean or replace filter (depending on style)
  • Check supply and return air temperatures
  • Calculate superheat and sub-cool measurements
  • Clean condenser coils with high pressure water and coil cleaner
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Take amperage readings at condenser (outdoor unit)
  • Check all major operating components at condenser (outdoor unit)
  • Check low voltage wiring for proper voltage and current (control voltage)
  • Remove debris around compressor
  • Check high- and low-pressure limit switches (refrigerant pressure cutouts)
  • Test Heat/Cool cycles at indoor and outdoor units
  • Lubricate necessary moving parts (indoor blower motor, outdoor fan motor)

For more information regarding HVAC maintenance contact our experienced professionals today.

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