Shower Restoration

Does your shower look dingy and grimy? Are there stubborn stains you can’t scrub away or mold build-up you can’t remove? Then it’s time to call the shower restoration specialists at Guardian Home Services. We serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area with our thorough and expert shower and tile cleaning services. Call us to request a quote at (972) 578-2244.

Enjoy a Clean & Sanitized Shower

Showers allow you to wash away the dirt you've attracted throughout the day. Keeping you clean when you're dirty is their primary purpose. However, showers get filthy and require cleaning after a certain amount of time. Dirt accumulation and build-up greatly impact the condition of your shower and can lead to significant discoloration, bacteria growth, and mold formation. Not only does this make your shower unsanitary but it can lead to possible health issues in the future.

Emergency Service & Same Day Service Available

Our Meticulous Shower Cleaning Services

Our specialists perform professional shower tile cleaning services in Dallas and the nearby areas using advanced techniques that enable us to address every inch of your shower's interior.

  • Utilize eco-friendly solutions that break down dirt and grime.
  • Employ a pressurized steam method that cleans the grout while leaving the tiles spotless.
  • Eliminate any growing bacteria or mold with our advanced shower renovation techniques.
  • Repair or replace any cracked shower tiles.

Shower Restoration, Tile Cleaning & More

Choosing an experienced shower restoration service, like Guardian Home Services, can make all the difference. Not only can we make your shower sparkle and shine, but we can also address several of your Dallas residential needs:

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Let our shower restoration team at Guardian Home Services renew your bathroom with our tile shower maintenance and cleaning services. Request a quote today by calling us at (972) 578-2244. We assist Dallas homeowners with services such as duct repair and replacement, ozone treatments, and window cleaning and power washing, as well as our leading commercial cleaning services. Located in Dallas, we serve Irving, Carrollton, Rockwall, Fort Worth, and all surrounding cities.

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