3 Facts about Dryer Vent Cleaning Frisco TX

Your clothes dryer needs regular maintenance, including dryer vent cleaning in Frisco, TX, to keep it working efficiently. Simply cleaning the lint trap after each load isn’t enough. If the dryer vent is filled with too much lint, it can cause a fire. Excess lint caught in the vent system is highly combustible and reduces airflow, raising the potential for a fire. Consider the following facts to keep your laundry room safer.

1- Cleaning Dryer Vents Eliminates Fire Hazards

The lint trap in your dryer does a good job of catching fiber and pet hair, but excess material will get stuck in your dryer vent. Even if you clean the lint trap after each load, there will still be a build-up of fiber in your dryer vent. Once a year or so, you should call a professional service for dryer vent cleaning in Frisco, TX. A thorough cleaning will eliminate the chance of a fire due to lint buildup. Clean dryer vents mean more efficient drying, which saves you money on utility bills.

2- There are Several Telltale Signs your Dryer Vents Need Repair

Although it’s a good idea to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned once a year, look for a few signs you need to clean vents ASAP. If your dryer takes up to twice as long to thoroughly dry clothes or if clothes are uncomfortably hot to the touch when you remove them, you probably need to call a local Frisco dryer vent cleaning company. You may also want to check the vent outside your house where the air exhaust is located; stopped-up dryer vents have a weak air flow.

3- Inadequate Dryer Vent Cleaning May Lead to Injury and Property Loss

According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Data Center, 2,900 fires are reported each year due to malfunctioning dryer vents and clothes dryers. These fires result in an estimated 5 death and 100 injuries, with estimated property loss at $35 million. Statistics indicate that 34% of fires are due to failure to clean dryer vents. Lint, dust and fiber accounted for 28% of materials that ignited and caused fires. Luckily, 54% of reported fires were confined to the dryer and/or vent.

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