Air Duct Cleaning Service Frisco TX: The Top 4 Reasons To Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

As homeowners, we spend a lot of time thinking about the maintenance of our air conditioners but sometimes we forget that the mechanical equipment is only part of the system. Your air conditioner has a system of (usually) flexible hoses that carry the air throughout your house. But because these hoses, or air ducts, are hidden in the attic or under floors or behind walls, we never really know if they’re working the way they’re supposed to. Calling an air duct cleaning service in Frisco, TX is the first step in finding out if air flow through the ducts is being impeded by dirt or debris. Why is it so important to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned?

1. To improve indoor air quality We spend so much time inside our houses, breathing in recirculated air, that it is important to keep allergen, mold and contaminant levels low. Regular duct cleaning is essential if you have furry pets, a smoker in the house or you live in an area with a lot of outdoor, airborne allergens.

2. To improve air circulation – In older homes, dust can build up in our ductwork over time. Aging ducts can tear, allowing everything from rodents to old insulation to enter the ducts. In new construction, drywall dust or sawdust can settle in the air ducts. An air duct cleaning service will remove anything keeping your air conditioner from circulating as much air as it possibly can.

3. To save you money – Keeping your air conditioning ducts free of dust and debris means you are keeping your system running at peak efficiency. Anything that is blocking air flow through the ductwork causes your unit to work harder, which means your electric bills go up. A clean system (including ductwork) means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard.

4. To uncover system performance problems – Many times homeowners who experience problems or fluctuations in the proper functioning of their air conditioners call in a duct cleaning specialist because they assume that airflow through the ducts is the issue. Though this is the problem much of the time, the rest of the time the problem is elsewhere in the AC system. An experienced duct cleaning technician can spot problems that have nothing to do with dirty air ducts.

Over 40 pounds of dust, bug parts and pet dander is generated in the average home annually. Calling an >air duct cleaning company in Frisco, TX, is essential to keeping those pollutants from recirculating in your home. At Guardian Home Services, our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your ductwork and recommend targeted cleaning to help insure that your indoor air is clean and that your air conditioner is working efficiently so that you save money. Call us today at (972) 578-2244.