Indoor Air Can Be Deadlier Than Outdoor Air

Guardian Home Services came across an article that we feel would interest many of our Dallas area and North Dallas clients. Research shows that indoor air can actually be more harmful than outdoor air.


According to recent studies, a team of scientists in Australia and Europe looked at the impact that indoor air pollution has on people. This pollution consists of things such as smoke, fungal spores, chemicals used in certain paints, varnishes and cleaners have been shown to be harmful to human health. Over time, the continual exposure to these indoor air pollutants was harmful to people.

That’s why there is increased interest in educating families and businesses on the importance of indoor air quality. The problem largely arises in buildings that have been built to prevent ventilation and outdoor air from freely entering and flowing through the premises. As a result, allergens and contaminants that would naturally be flushed out of the building, are building up over time to alarming levels.

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