3 Tips to Breath Easier at Home

Have you or your family members recently experienced allergies and nasal stuffiness that has not always been present? Or maybe you have noticed a musty smell in your home and that the air seems thicker and no longer smells clean. These are all common signs that there could be harmful mold or other allergens hiding in your home. At Guardian Home Services, we are here to help you with your overall home air quality and other needs. Today we are sharing our top three tips to keep the air fresh in your home. 

Breath easier with Guardian Mold Removal

1. Prevent Allergen Buildup 

One of the first steps to keeping the air in your home fresh and clean is to prevent the build-up from occurring.  Wiping down surfaces frequently will help to keep buildup from occurring on counters and shelves. Vacuuming rugs and carpets regularly will also help to minimize allergen-inducing particles inside the home. You could also call us for a professional carpet and floor cleaning service to take your cleaning to the next level. Additionally, scheduling an air duct cleaning will help remove all debris from the air, ensuring that your air is free from dust and other allergens.

2. Remove Hidden Culprits 

If the air still does not seem fresh and clean, it could be because mold is hidden in your home’s ductwork. We offer biomedical remediation, which is a very safe and effective method to remove mold. Our use of antimicrobials is licensed and approved in the state of Texas. Removing any mold hidden in your ductwork will ensure your air feels and smells cleaner and also causes less congestion and allergies for you and your family.

3. Maintenance is Key

Our final tip is to maintain your clean home. Once you have put the effort in to remove any hidden allergens, it will be important to keep your air fresh and clean. Routine cleaning is the best way to ensure that mold formation does not occur in the first place. We can help you catch any major problems before you begin in the first place with regular duct cleaning.

Guardian Is Here for You

Let us help you clean and protect your home’s air quality. Guardian Home Services serves Allen, Frisco, Rockwell, Fort Worth, and the surrounding Dallas area.  In addition to mold treatment, we offer a wide range of cleaning, repair, and specialized in-home services. Request a free estimate or call (972) 578-2244 today.