3 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality During Fall

The fall is such a lovely time of year outside, but what do you do if the interior of your home is lacking in terms of air quality? No one wants to spend their time indoors in relative comfort if that level of comfort has been drastically reduced because of odd smells or mold growing in the ducts. You need to keep the air quality clean.

Focus on the Floors

Believe it or not, a good way to improve air quality is to ensure your floors are fresh and clean throughout the entire home. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to remove toxins and pollutants from the floor. Alternatively, you can use a mop to rid the floors of dust or allergens that were tracked inside.

Healthy Humidity Levels

Mold and mites absolutely love a bit of moisture in the home. They thrive in it. To prevent them from blooming and lowering your air quality, keep a healthy humidity level within the household to improve your air quality. A dehumidifier can reduce the moisture indoors. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to clean the ducts or use an exhaust fan, too.

No Smoking Zone

Smoking is often considered the single largest culprit in low air quality within the home. Second-hand cigarette smoke clouds the air, causing illness and lowering the quality of life indoors. Cigarette smoke has a bad habit of getting into the ducts where it festers and coats everything, causing worsening pollutants and mold.

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