What Does a Duct Cleaning Service Call Look Like?

As spring is upon us, we often take this time to do some “spring cleaning.” This includes everything from mopping and sweeping to donating old clothes we don’t wear anymore. An item that needs to be on your cleaning list though, one you may not have thought of, is having your home’s air ducts cleaned. An air duct cleaning service call not only ensures better air quality but also ensures that your home is clean in every way. In this blog post, we thought we’d break down what an air duct cleaning service call looks like. This helps you understand the value in the cleaning.


When our duct cleaning crew shows up for a service call to your home, it involves a thorough initial consultation. This is the time where you voice concerns about problem areas and dirty duct work. We answer all your questions upfront, including the ones you may have about the cleaning itself or long term duct maintenance. This initial conversation is crucial, as it allows you to know what exactly is involved in the cleaning. Next, our crews survey your entire AC system to identify any issues.

Getting to Work

Once the survey is complete, we get to work. The professional duct cleaning staff will address the AC unit (blower and coils) and all duct work within the home. We place the entire AC system under vacuum before cleaning each duct thoroughly to remove any and all debris. This process, and how much time it will take, is dependent on how much duct work you have in your home. If it takes a few hours, don’t be concerned, the price does not change. This is what we’re here to do, and we want to do a fantastic job no matter how long it may take.

Follow Up

After the job is completed, our team ensures that you know what exactly what was done on the service call. Our team takes photos of the entire cleaning (before and after) to make sure you know what approach was taken to each duct, and if there were problems that arose during the process, this is when we let you know. If there were issues – be it damage to the duct or a leak in duct work – we let you know how we plan to fixing it. With your permission, our team can do that duct sealing and replacement for you.

Essentially, from consultation to follow up, the Guardian Home Services team is a one-stop solution. We make sure you have the knowledge of the cleaning process, we complete the thorough cleaning, and we follow up to make sure you’re prepared for months ahead. We ensure that no matter the issue or season, your duct cleaning service call leaves you satisfied and reassured.