Why Is Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning So Important?

When you think of air conditioner duct cleaning for your home, do you think of it as an unnecessary expense or an absolutely vital service?

If you’re part of the unnecessary expense brigade, then read on and hopefully you’ll get an understanding as to why it is so important.

A clean home is a healthy home

Well, that is a very broad statement, but in terms of your air conditioner ducts, it really is quite true. As debris, contaminants and accumulated dirt build up in your system, it starts affecting the air quality inside your home; this is the air that you breathe. You will notice the difference in air quality immediately after a professional clean.

Climate change and small change

A badly serviced and maintained system can be as much as 40% lower in efficiency. Obviously this will have an impact not only on the climate, but on the already rising cost of your energy – hence the ‘small change’! Having your ducts cleaned professionally helps to ensure that the system is working at peak efficacy. This helps to ensure that not only is the environment cleaner and greener, but the air in your home is also cleaner. Win-Win!

Think of duct cleaning like servicing your car; you wouldn’t expect your car to be as efficient after three, four or five years of use without a service – your HVAC system is the same!

For further information or to schedule a clean, talk to the professionals here at Guardian Home Services. We will only ever give you straightforward and unbiased advice, never trying to upsell you a service or product that you don’t need.