Facts About Your Air Ducts that Will Gross You Out

If someone in your household has severe allergies or asthma, you probably make quite an effort to avoid things that may aggravate the problem. It is shocking just how many people struggle with asthma, but what is even more alarming to us at Guardian Home Services is how few of those individuals understand the importance of regular air filter replacement and air duct cleaning.

A Hidden Problem

Conditions affecting the respiratory system can be very scary, especially if your child is the one affected, and you know just how quickly a flare up can become an emergency. Determining the cause of the problem is essential should you hope to reduce the amount of scares that you and your family have each year.

Allergens and irritants can be tracked into the home and find their way into your air system. When you observe recommended time frames for air filter replacement, most of these things end up trapped in your filter. However, when you are overdue for duct cleaning, you can end up breathing in a large amount of irritants that can lead to a flare up.

Our Process

In order to serve our clients better, we provide a full scale duct cleaning service. We can successfully and thoroughly clean your air ducts to ensure that you are breathing the purest air in your home. In addition, we include a mold inspection which allows us to determine if there is another underlying problem that could make respiratory problems worse.

At Guardian, we are committed to helping you and your family breathe better. Contact us today by calling (972) 578-2244 to schedule regular air filter replacement and duct cleaning than may help reduce the frequency of flare ups in your home.