Why is the Bill Higher: Air Conditioning During Summer

Do you ever face the temptation of switching your air conditioning system to below 70 degrees during the summer? If you’re in Texas, then chances are you have! The cost of an air conditioner hits very high levels during summer. The notion that air conditioners work best at lower temperatures during summer is common. Yet, it often leads to extra cooling costs.

The cost of air conditioning units is relatively high in summer. However, the electric bill should not stop you from enjoying a comfortably cool home.

Your air conditioner may be the cause of the massive monthly utility bill because of the assumption that such systems consume averagely low electricity. While energy used is extremely low in new systems, the SEER (efficiency) rating on your air conditioning unit slowly degrades over the years, costing you more money to operate at the same levels. It is always important to maintain a service contract with your A/C system so your unit is consistently performing at top levels.

Homeowners may also weigh the cost of the initial installation of an air conditioning system vs their monthly bill on an older, less efficient system. On average, you will need to spend between $4,000 and $8,000 in order to enjoy some ice cool breeze this summer on a brand-new system. Running your older system for 7 hours a day at a high cost per hour and running a new system for 5 hours a day with a minimal power draw is a key balance. Understanding the value of a new system vs the monthly upkeep of an older inefficient system is something our certified technicians are experts at. Contact Guardian Home Services at (972) 578-2244 to schedule and receive a quote, repairs and expert advice.